Gallery One

Stately birds pose regally in colorful pastel settings. Delicate flowers blossom against a backdrop of color and texture. Native American artifacts inspired by unique relationship with the earth and sky. Visit this gallery.

Gallery Two

A day destined to never be forgotten. Landscapes ranging from the historic to the surreal. Reefscapes filled with delicate coral and colorful fish.Visit this gallery.

Gallery Three

Experience the dawning of natural beauty filled with wonder.Visit
this gallery.

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About the Artist

Jayne Morgan“You Use a Mirror of Glass to See Yourself, You Use Works of Art to See Your Soul”
-George Bernard Shaw

Growing up in South Florida, Jayne Morgan’s environment from a young age featured seascapes, swaying sea grass, shell-filled shores, striped lighthouses and wild marshlands teeming with exotic flora, fauna, fish and birds. More…

Ordering Artwork

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